A Full Introduction to Land Rover Spare Part – 7 types of Land Rover Spare Brake

Introduction of 7 types Land Rover Spare Brake

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One of the core functions of vehicle is braking system, which we know it serves to stop the car from moving. Lack of braking system, car would not be possible to travel, that’s mean the car brake should be considered as high priority in designing a car system. Do you ever feel certain car has high braking strength or too weak?

Despite too efficient braking system will continuously lead to the will effects of a sudden brake application. If the vehicle stopped in a second, the passenger will not feel comfortable by the decelerate momentum. In addition, it increases the chances of the following tail gate car to hit you. In another way of increasing chances of getting involve in a car accident.

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However, weak car braking system also will create many issues to the driver. You will need to have longer period of time for the car to come into completely stop position. Therefore, you will always suffering to make decision whether to stop or accelerate in front of a traffic light. Because, you will not have sufficient time to stop the vehicle when then traffic light turn into red at the moment you going near to it. In addition, it is increasing chances of getting hit into the front car due to higher stopping distance.

It is clearly say that, designing a car brake system is very important as necessary to take all this factors into consideration such as the car total weight in kg (maximum and minimum weight scenario), car in high speed to complete stop time frame, emergency brake scenario, and etc…..

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In order to achieve the suitable brake strength range let the car slow down and halt, many components in the braking system helps to convert the car kinetic energy into friction. This is simply application of Newton’s Law stated that, if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed, it will remain at rest or moving in a straight line at constant speed, unless an external force is acted on the body.

To understand what Land Rover spare brake to purchase? you must know how the basic automotive braking system works, so you will have the idea of which part you are looking for exactly.

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Typical Automotive Braking System     source: canva
The diagram above showing the typical automotive braking system. When car driver apply brake, hydraulic oil will pushes to the master cylinder located around the brake fluid reservoir in car engine compartment. The hydraulic oil further channel to the front and rear brake pump against the spring action. Then the brake pad/ shoes surface contact with disc area where the friction created to slow down the car.

After you understand the overview of car braking system works, following will tell you about what the brake system components or spare in details.

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Basically, automotive brake only consists of 3 types.

1. Hydraulic Brakes
2. Air Brakes
3. Mechanical Brakes

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How to differentiate different type of brake? Normally,  almost 100% of car uses hydraulic, that is why you happen to see hydraulic brakes oil dot 3 or dot 4 in the engine compartment. At the brake pad there you manage see a brake pump, a reverse action spring to return the brake back to normal position. When you press the brake pedal, the forces is transfer to the brake pads and shoes through the medium of hydraulic oil.

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All heavy vehicle normally uses air brakes. It is simply because, heavy vehicle has bigger wheel more force to move the brake pad in contact with the brake disc. The brake components also more weight compare to smaller vehicle. So, by using air driven brake system more suitable for heavy vehicle. Air brake system has air compressor to boost air pressure store inside air pressure tank. It also has check valve to prevent the pressure air flow back to compressor. The working principal quite similar with hydraulic system, but the medium is air instead of hydraulic oil.

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Mechanical brakes refer to hand brakes. Mechanical simply means, the brake is operated by steel cable. The level is provided at the driver seat connect though steel wire at the rear wheel. For example a back drum brake system, when you engage brake, tension is created at the cable, to push the shoes in contact with the drum to lock the car from moving.
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Typical Brake Master Diagram

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Brake Master store the hydraulic oil and supply the oil in pressure to brake pump. In the master cylinder body has spring-piston-spring-piston arrangement. Most of the time, the piston and its seal is a moving part, contacting with the cylinder body where wear and tear happen here.

When the seal lost it sealing function, the brake fluid will return to the reservoir instead of sending pressure to the brake pump while the brake pedal is applied. The spring behind the piston is act against the brake force to bring the brake back to normal position while the brake pedal being released.

Consider to replace whole brake master kits that is the piston, spring, and seal together @ Land Rover spare brake Malaysia, TS Enterprise.

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Brake servo doesn’t much important to the braking system, because it is only act as a supplement to boost the pressure applied on the pedal. With brake servo, simply reduces the amount of force exert that is needed to operate the brakes. The brake servo uses the vacuum generate from the engine running to boost the pressure that you exert on the brake pedal. That is why you always feel higher force on your foot to get the car brake.

Brake servo is simple, just a diaphragm. Consider to replace whole brake servo set.

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Front brake normally disc type operate by hydraulic oil. Front brake absorb most of the car momentum, because braking throws the car weight forward on to the front wheels. This is the reason why most of the car front break is disc type, because it can perform more efficient by slowing down the car compare to drum type.

In the disc brake system, generally wear and tear part would goes to the pistons, disc, and brake pads. Therefore, your brake not functioning well, this item must be checked.

Consider to replace brake pad, service piston, and resurface disc/change new.

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Rear brake type is much depend on the car design, most of the car design drum type is preference choice.  Due the rear brake is only helping the front brake in stopping the car.  A steel cable is connected to the drum brake for handbrake operation. The spring is to force the brake back to it initial position when you release the brake pedal or handbrake.

In the drum brake system, you can find a brake small brake pump and brake shoes. generally wear and tear part would goes to the brake pump, disc, and brake pads. Therefore, your brake not functioning well, this item must be checked. Drum brake has a common issue with the brake pump, the seal always get leaking after long period of time. To lengthen the life span of the brake pump, always flush the hydraulic oil.

Consider to replace the brake pump and shoes.
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05 Aug 2021