A Full Introduction to Land Rover Spare Part – 4 Important Tips on Clutch

Introduction of Land Rover Spare Clutch
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Have you ever thought of how does a clutch works in the car transmission? What is the clutch main components?

In general, car engine has a maximum and minimum range of revolution per minutes output. A petrol car engine normally is internal combustion with positive displacement cylinder inside. The nature of positive displacement engine will not produce high rotational speed. If the gear is also in fix ratio, then the car will continue to move in limited speed range.

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To boost the car speed further, transmission come into picture work together between rotating engine drive shaft and wheel shaft. At one end of the transmission is the moving engine, and the other end is the wheel driving the car to move. While we are driving the car, the engine is not possible to start / stop in frequent operation. The engine will only allow to be in continue running operation. When the car need to stop moving, the gear can be disengage from the engine shaft which can be increased speed by changing gear ratio.

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Land Rover Spare Clutch full working principle explanation

The clutch in the car transmission allows engagement and disengagement the drive shaft from engine to couple with wheel. For a manual car, it has a pedal to control the engagement and disengagement of the clutch and a gear shift lever to do gear shifting.

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The clutch components consists of the flywheel, high friction disc, plate, spring, and throwout bearing and release system. The flywheel mount along with the engine shaft. The pressure plate, which is bolted to the flywheel, holds the clutch assembly together. The disc is placed between the flywheel and pressure plate, which allow allows the pressure plate and the flywheel to in touch and separate.

Manual Transmission Video Explanation

When the drive presses the clutch will pull up the pressure plate make the flywheel and disc disengage. At this time, the gear is safe to be shifted. Release the clutch, the gear will re-engage to the selected gear.

The working principle for clutch look so simple, do you know the clutch will encounter wear and tear in the long run? How much it will completely worn up is really depend on how the driving habit of the car driver. Clutch is designed to slip slightly when the clutch is first engaged or during gear change to give you a smooth drive. but once the clutch is fully released, it should not slip at all. If this is happened, the clutch might worn up and need for a replacement. Land rover spare clutch is also same like the usual car clutch.

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Unless the pedal is not fully released, the clutch will slip, and result the clutch getting and burned up. By changing driving habit, Land Rover Defender spare clutch lifespan can be lengthen.

Follow the 4 don’t below:

1. Do not use clutch for balancing at uphill or in front of traffic light
2. Do not press clutch pedal while you press the break
3. Do not put your foot on the clutch pedal after you shift gear
4. Do not press the clutch pedal in frequent

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You have some of the thought about what is whole clutch system involve. On TS Enterprise website, you manage to find out Land Rover Spare Clutch @ TS Enterprise
Land Rover Defender Spare Clutch Consists of the following item:
a. Land Rover Defender Spare Clutch – Bearing & Related
If your car is in a low-mileage, usually the bearing can be reused provided they are in good condition. But if the clutch at the high-mileage has fallen, it is always good to replace all the components. Because, replace a clutch is always labour intensive work. The labour fees can cost you much higher compare to the parts. You do not wish to take out again the clutch just because of reusing the old parts.

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b. Land Rover Defender Spare Clutch – Cover/Plate
This cover/plate is the main part providing high friction to the clutch disc. This plate come with the spring that mitigate car jerking on pedal release time. Usually this part will worn out on high mileage need to be replaced. Change whole set will increase your car performance, definitely feel smooth on shifting gear.

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c. Land Rover Defender Spare Clutch – Fork & Related
This item can be reused if in good condition. Still advised to change new one, because it is not really costly.

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d. Land Rover Defender Spare Clutch – Pipe & Hoses
This item can be reused if in good condition. Still advised to change new one, because it is not really costly.

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e. Land Rover Defender Spare Clutch – Pump & Related
This item can be reused if in good condition. Still advised to change new one, because it is not really costly.

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f. Land Rover Defender Spare Clutch – Kit

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Clutch is vital part in the car transmission, a good clutch generally have a better grip on the engine shaft. Get the best Land Rover defender spare clutch will definitely increase your car performance. Your will get reward by petrol saving. In contrast, the clutch not in good condition, will slip a little bit cause the torque from the engine cannot fully transfer to the wheel, indirectly the efficiency will drop slightly. Last but not least, a small recommendation to replace the whole set of clutch kits, because you do not want to disassembly again the transmission just because to reuse the old part that you think is in good condition.

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05 Aug 2021