576973 - BRITPART


576973 - BRITPART

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Supercedes 576973
Categories Braking
Products Brake Discs & Drums
Suitable for Vehicles Series, Defender
Suitable for Models Series I, Series II, Series III, Defender One Ten, Defender 110
Suitable for Application Series I LWB, Series II 109, Series IIA 109, Series III 109, Defender One Ten, Defender 110
Suitable for Fitment All models
All 4 cylinder models from (VIN) Suffix H on
All models up to (VIN) Suffix G
All models up to (VIN) KA930455
All 4 cylinder models
Frame Size N/A

A drum brake system is comprised of hydraulic wheel cylinders, a brake drum and brake shoes. Upon pressing the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure pushes the brake shoes against the drum, causing a braking action through fiction.


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