FTC1381 / LR017953 - BRITPART


FTC1381 / LR017953 - BRITPART

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Supercedes FRC9831BM, FTC86BM, FTC461BM, FTC462BM, FTC1381BM, LR017953BM
Categories Braking
Products Brake Discs & Drums
Suitable for Vehicles Defender, Discovery, Range Rover
Suitable for Models Defender 90, Discovery 1, Range Rover Classic
Suitable for Application Defender 90, Defender Puma 90, Discovery 1, Range Rover Classic
Suitable for Fitment All Models
To (V)9A777777
All Models 1986-1991
All Models 1992-1994
Frame Size N/A

Offering high performance braking with no negative influences on braking characteristics, rust pitting and corrosion damage prevention even after repeated heat cycles of 350 F for 96 hours as well as salt spray test resistance for longer than 480 hours.


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