STC1601 / STC1277 - EBC


STC1601 / STC1277 - EBC

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Supercedes DP1033, STC1601K
Brands EBC
Categories Braking
Products Brake Pads & Shoes
Suitable for Vehicles Defender
Suitable for Models Defender 110, Defender 130
Suitable for Application Defender 110, Defender 130, Defender Puma 110, Defender Puma 130
Suitable for Fitment All Models from(V)1A614448
All Models from(V)7A000001
Frame Size N/A

A disc break system is comprised of brake pads, a break caliper and a brake disc. Upon pressing the brake pedal, brake fluid flows to the caliper under pressure from the master cylinder, pressing the pads against the disc.


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